Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Weekend Project: Children's Headboard

I'm in a restless mood at the moment. My other half keeps coming home to books rearranged, furniture moved and knick knacks changed around. I'm not sure what this is a sign of, but it feels a little unsettling [for both of us I'm sure], one positive however is that I'm finally getting round to all those small jobs that have been in the back of my mind for months. I've had in mind to make a couple of headboards for some time inspired by this brilliant post on Young House Love

For our spare room I have in mind a sumptuous velvet board with thick wadding to laze against.For Noah's room I thought I would try it out first with a simple design in bright stripes, perfect for his room.

The board was cut to measure in Homebase and cost approximately £9, the wadding was from Dunhelm and cost £2, the fabric was a roll end from Ikea so cost just £5 and the velcro tape for secure the ends was £1.50. I used sticky back velcro and safety pins to fasten the fabric to the board so it can easily be removed and washed, the Young House version is a lot more durable I think.

Total cost was £17.50, and there was enough fabric left over to make a cushion cover too. I only made it quite low for Noah but for the guest room plan to make it much deeper.

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