Friday, 10 August 2012


It is summer holiday time here in the UK. Noah has almost 8 weeks of holiday from pre-school, classes and playgroups so we are getting out and getting away [hence my complete absence from the blogs!!]. We have spent hours catching over-sized crabs on the beach, rode miniature trains, boats and rides in the park, put countless 2p pieces into the gaudy slot machines at the seaside and camped in a small 2 man tent in a field with chickens pecking about outside. 

There is a different tiredness in the summertime; not the lethargy and weariness of winter as the nights draw in and comfort is found in a blanket and a cup of warming chocolate, but the exhaustion of too much sunshine, fresh air blowing the proverbial cobwebs and walking for hours on the beach just to get the last few moments of warm air on our skin.

So apologies for going MIA, I'm making the most of the days with Noah and the lazy, hazy nights, come September we'll be back in the old routine I'm sure. 

I hope wherever you are you're enjoying a little sunshine too. x

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  1. Hope you're enjoying the summer holidays. Shame the weather hasn't been so good x


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