Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A study in pink at Clumber Park

Noah and I spent a really fun day at a local nature park. Clumber Park is close by Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, and as you can imagine for such a historic park there is lots to explore. 

Ancient trees were perfect for climbing, woody mazes inside giant rhododendrons ideal for hiding, and we got lost meandering the winding paths around the giant lake. But my favourite place was the walled garden. A beautiful example of a classic English country garden, bursting with jewel coloured flowers and trees heavy with bulbous fruit.

I'm always drawn to the flowers, like the bumble bee busying itself, and today I photographed the pinks in every hue. 

Noah enjoyed a special trail they had for the holidays to find gnomes and fairies hidden amongst the plants. We didn't even mind the rain when it came as it was so warm.

A perfect day; what are your favourite gardens to explore with the kids?

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