Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sharrow Vale Market Sheffield

Yesterday was market-day on Sharrow Vale Road here in Sheffield. 

The rain held off [just], and the sun almost came out which was such a joy after a week of non-stop rain! I've posted before on the markets in Sheffield [here] and how fun and vibrant they are. It inspires me every time that so many people are ignoring the doom-sayers and trying out their own businesses whether it's making delicious cakes, selling pretty vintage booty, flowers or something completely different.

I'm always on the look out for new and exciting products and people at the markets, and this time I met the lovely Sarah Richards. She has created a gorgeous range of natural, handmade skincare products that looked good enough to eat. All in pretty, simple packaging, and perfect for sensitive skin. []. 

The cafés and food stalls were buzzing and it really felt like Sheffield was out on the streets. Where are your favourite street markets? Living in London my favourites were Borough Market on a Saturday, Portobello Road on a Friday, and Brick Lane and Columbia Road on a Sunday.

Café Ceres on Sharrow Vale Road

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