Thursday, 15 March 2012

Blackboards at home

For those of you that have followed my blog from the beginning you'll remember that it originally started as a catalogue of our home renovation with a baby.

The baby is now a very confident 3 and a half year old [the halves are oh-so important at this age], and our home is [almost] finished. I almost prefer that it isn't finished - maybe I'm abit crazy but it gives us something to continually work for, and it's an excuse for us to be creative with our space.

Next week we begin the final big project - the bathroom, which is currently a 1980s caramel suit with matching brown floral tiles. Even more worrying than the colour-scheme is that bits of the tiling have begun falling away so needless-to-say we are ready for the change.

A few weeks ago we did a small project that was unduly stressful [my husband and I are DIY-averse], but has been well-worth the effort.

We have put up a large blackboard in the kitchen. It sits over a radiator in a redundant galley area of the kitchen that was only ever used as walk-through space. Now at the beginning of each week we write down our schedule, Noah practices writing out some of the words on the board and it acts as a prominent place for messages and reminders.

This was some of the original inspiration for the board from my pinterest - home board.

How we did it:
  • Got a piece of 8mm mdf cut to measure at Homebase.
  • Painted it with 3 coats of magnetic blackboard paint from Wickes before attaching to wall and left to dry.
  • Got metal shelf from Ikea [lucky for us it was exactly the same measurement!].
  • Measured up and screwed board directly into wall with shelf screwed in directly below.

PS. If any fellow bloggers are interested in the starburst shapes I've added in the last couple of posts they are from the brilliant Katrina at PuglyPixel. Her website is full of tutorials, free downloads and inspiration for all aspiring bloggers and web designers.

Totally inspiring.

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