Sunday, 5 February 2012

Homemade Deli, Sheffield

Thick slices of rustic toast, fresh local produce cooked as you like it at home, and a good cup of English tea - the perfect breakfast is made up of the simplest ingredients, made just right. Homemade Deli in Sheffield was the perfect place for a morning catch up with a friend a few weeks ago, the food was lovely, the atmosphere relaxed and the service was friendly.

Since Noah came along 3 and a bit years ago I don't get out for meals as often. Living in London we'd regularly head out for lazy brunches in Clapham; and visits to Belgium were always punctuated with early morning trips to local cafés for a milky coffee and a basket of bread, so these kinds of trips are now a rare treat.

My morning routine now is more likely to involve a rushed bowl of porridge, whilst answering questions about jet engines and space shuttles, followed by an argument over why we need to get dressed and brush our teeth before leaving the house.

Homemade Café and Deli was a welcome respite from the usual clamour, it has a hint of the continental; light wood tables and simple white walls, with just the right amount of English charm. Beautiful, homemade cakes, cook books and pretty ephemera were on display, and in the deli lots of interesting ingredients to tempt me to part with more money. I resisted, but I'm sure I'll be heading back to sample the cakes - it didn't seem appropriate to indulge for breakfast - although I'm sure plenty of people do!

If you're interested to read about more cafés, have a look at my friend Carolyn's lovely blog Cafés to Contemplate.

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