Sunday, 5 February 2012

Beautiful Books - Decorate by Holly Becker

Writing my blog has always been a journey for me. I never knew where it would lead, but that was always part of the fun. Along the way I've had to learn lots of new things and stretch my ideas and imagination a little further. This post is a little experiment in the blogging process, but also an homage to another blogger, Holly Becker who continues to inspire me with her work.

Some time ago one of my readers commented that my pictures were too small, this is unfortunately the way that Blogger compresses the images for the site, and so far has been a stretch too far for my blogging skills. However, I have recently begun a web design course which is giving me a little confidence to press the 'edit html' button that appears on my blogging page.

So here goes, I really hope this works as this post is all about beautiful books and to do them justice it's only fair I show them a little larger...

So far, so good.

I've written before about my prolific collecting and one of my favourite things to hoard, like a kiddy in a sweet shop, is my beautiful design books. Fashion or interiors I don't mind as long as they are full of beautiful images to inspire the soul. Not only are they a treat to pour over but they look great on my white shelves too! Splashes of pretty colour against the paintwork.

One of my recent favourites is Decorate by Holly Becker, it has just the right mixture of inspiring and uplifting photographs with really practical tips on getting a similar look.

Where this differs from some of my more weighty Thames and Hudson design tomes is that these interiors seem attainable with a little imagination and some creative flair, they are all an expression of their owner's personal style and life.

Eclectic collections of porcelain, and flea market finds beautifully arranged, and plenty of those vibrant prints and fabrics I love so much. At the moment the bathroom pages are particularly inspiring as we are planning our next renovation job on the house.

Fashion books can be tricky things as they can quickly look quite dated, but these are about style again as an expression of the individual rather than following trends or dressing to a prescriptive formula according to your body shape, hair colour and height.

Style, whether it is in the home or on ourselves, is something very personal and all these books help us to discover what that might be without following trends, just in the same way that French women have always looked so effortless.

PS. For any of my blogging friends interested in how I got the images bigger I followed a brilliant post on Geoff Priest's blog. Follow the link for more info. I hope you noticed the difference in the post?!


  1. I love the pictures! I also love collecting books. I have a love for style books and am slowly building my collection of designers books. One of my favorite things to peruse with a cup of coffee.


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