Friday, 30 December 2011

Home office organising

I have plans for 2012. Not grand plans, but a small business idea I would like to begin slowly developing, and so I felt the urge to get my home office in order.

As with a lot of things in life it's necessary to make space for new things, and it's such a therapeutic process for the mind and spirit. If your environment is tidy you feel more in control of your life.

I looked for a little lite-inspiration on pinterest as usual and came up with some beautiful, bright, clean office spaces. For a working space at home it's important for me to have visual inspiration, lots of creative storage solutions and colour.

In all these examples I loved the mixture of personality, function and organisation that gave them all such unique style; like the signature Hermes orange in the first, with the graphic framed photos and industrial steel desk, juxtaposed with the distinctly feminine flowers.

Images from Domino magazine photo-stream and apartment.therapy via pinterest.

As I didn't have any money to spend on accessories I cleared some of the clutter and turned some of the storage boxes around so the files appeared tidier, I also covered the printer with an old cardboard storage box [cutting a suitable hole for the power lead], to hide the printer and give me more useful surface space.

I added more inspiration space with the addition of a picture-line [a bit like a washing line but with space to hang pictures rather than pants : D ].

The finishing touch was some accents of bright colour from some stationary tidies from TK Maxx, really cheap but a great way to add a bold splash of colour.

Do you have any organising tricks and tips? I feel better able to tackle my new project - wish me luck!




  1. A few simple touches really make a difference.

    I really like the picture line idea. I might use that in our 'office' area. Although, knowing me, I will probably overload it, break it, then have a piece of string on the ground with stuff stuck to it! :-)

    Looking forward to reading more blog posts.

  2. I wish my home office looked like that. I've just started working from home and I'm trying to get it spot on. I'm actually planning a similar post to this, but there's no way my home office will ever look so organised!


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