Sunday, 27 November 2011

Not running but almost...

After a far-too-long absence I'm back blogging. I'm sorry I've been away for so long!

I remember blogging a while ago about feeling torn between the real world and the on-line world, so you can imagine where my energies have been focused the last 2 months.

I've actually begun doing a little bit of free-lance work again after almost 4 years of 'maternity leave'. I also edited the winter edition of a free-magazine with some local friends. You can have a look at the new issue here if you're interested: This took a huge amount of time and energy as we have also been involved with some charity fund-raising for a local children's hospice:

The upshot of all this has been that my blog has suffered and as any person living and working today - I just wish there were more hours in the day as I've missed it.

One thing I have managed to make time for over the last few months is exercise. I have always said 'I'm not a runner'. People who went running were committed, serious and had time that I always felt I didn't have, but after running a 5k in June and then my first 10k in October I'm finally coming around to the idea that I can find some enjoyment and escape in running.

A good friend has recently begun a battle with breast-cancer. She is dealing with it so bravely and with such humour and honesty, but her battle has compounded my thoughts that we should never take our health for granted. Some mornings it is so difficult to pull on my sweats and step outside the door into the cold, grey morning, but it is one of the many things in life you never regret doing - just regret not doing.

Exercise has given me more energy to deal with the day and changed my figure after having a child and enjoying cakes far too much, so I think I will carry on - afterall it only takes a half an hour in the morning, who can't manage that?!

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