Monday, 19 September 2011

Pinterest and scrapbooking

I am a prodigious collector.
Magazines, coffee table books, recipes, pictures of pretty houses, glassware, vintage kitchenalia the list is endless. In particular I'm a scrapbooker, any pages from style and fashion magazines that I find inspiring get stuffed into a small white drawer to be eventually glued into a scrapbook. What I will ever do with all these bits of paper I'm still not sure.

Pinterest is the on-line equivalent of a pinboard [you can see the link to my boards down the right hand column of my blog]. I can now collect images on my pinterest board in exactly the same way that I stuff the tear sheets from my magazines into my drawer, only it feels much more organised [and is out of sight of my other-half - thank goodness!].

It can become incredibly addictive as you follow other people's boards and try to keep yours up-to-date. I've also discovered a new love of DIY and kids crafting thanks to some of the people I'm following, who have the cutest ideas and links to share.

If you're waiting for an invite let me know as I had to get my invitation through the lovely Tesca of the brilliant blog Casa and Co.

Here are some of my recent favourite pins:

I pin lots of great interiors ideas, details, moods or colours I love. I thought this art work was just beautiful with the modern style furniture very simple, but very pretty. Pinned from LONNY mag.

Quirky vintage inspired ideas always catch my eye. This is such a simple idea but so effective, those soft pastel, ice-cream shades look perfect together. Pinned from

Our latest project with the house is a new bathroom, so I'm loving collecting lots of inspiration for new suites, tiles and cute details. Pinned from

Of course I have lots of fashion and style pinboards, including work by some of my old colleagues and friends. This picture was by William Garrett for Red magazine. Love. x


  1. Love your boards, Amy! And it's always such a fun to meet you on Pinterest as well. It's a great source for inspiration and getting new ideas. Thanks for your kind feature of my little blog! Happy pinning...

  2. So freakin love pinterest. I am your scrapbook magazine/bits of paper twin. I read on a blog that the best way to keep all your cuttings organised was to take the whole page/article and hole punch it, then put it directly into a file. Then when you look through as the years go by you can just pull out the pages that no longer apply to you any more. This has been really handy!


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