Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wish list: white tuxe jacket and gold pendant

I've just about recovered from the trauma of photographing myself for the last post! Still not too happy with the pictures but my philosophy with this blog is to present to my friends and readers a much more realistic take on style from other mediums that we all read and love.

Since my last post, and after going through my wardrobe to pick out those pieces for the evening looks I've added a couple of things to my 'wish list'.

The first is a simple gold pendant with letters or a symbol that mean something. A good friend came over last night for a cup of tea and a gossip and was bemoaning how expensive these kind of charms are, I showed her some the shops on Etsy that stock exactly the same thing for around $20 or $30 [more Etsy - I know!], but I can really recommend buying from the US at the moment as the exchange rate really works in our favour here in the UK.

The pendant I've show below is from a designer in Vancouver called Leslie for just $19. Similar designs somewhere like Liberty are so much more expensive.

The next item on my wish list is a really simple, elegant white tuxe jacket - I realise this is not the most practical item with a toddler, but I've seen a couple of cool gals wearing them out, in the evening, in particular, and think they look really elegant, grown-up, but also a little bit edgy if that makes sense?! There's a confidence with this kind of piece that is the epitomy of that 'not-trying-too-hard-look'.

This jacket is a great version from Mango at Asos for £79.90, not a bad price.

Now, don't get me wrong the irony of these two pieces is also not lost on me - a little bit Julio Iglesias in the 80s right? Maybe Don Johnson in Miami Vice? But ladies it's the way you wear it, make sure that jacket is slim on the shoulders and drapes really nicely over your boobs, and the gold charm needs to hang on the thinnest whisper of a chain - as my friend Kat said last night - it should look like it could blow away.

What are your favourite wardrobe additions at the moment?


  1. Girls look prettier with pendants. Girls just wear heart pendant to feel prettier, because pendant are dressier ,girls wear pendant because they just like them.

  2. Add sparkle to your office life with the pendant.


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