Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Trying to make sense

Listening to the news today has been very difficult. I've been trying to make sense of something that is essentially senseless. Violence and greed have erupted around the country and there is a very real sense of fear as to what will happen tonight.

So I have switched the news off, and baked and tidied the garden instead. Worked out my frustration on the pastry and the weeds! What a tonic.

Wherever you are tonight I hope you are safe and cosied up with your loved ones.


  1. It is crazy to hear here in the US what has been going on in London. Good for you for simply enjoying life. That pie looks amazing too!



  2. It's horrible watching the news isn't it? And now it's all over the country. Just mindless violence and greed. It's so not about protesting. The pie looks lovely!

  3. Hey Jen and Sarah, thanks for the nice messages. Glad that things seemed to have calmed down. x


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