Saturday, 13 August 2011

Simple style notebook: 3 evening outfits

OK - here goes - I'm taking a very deep breath and hoping all my fashionable friends will be very kind to me!

I've recently been reading lots of gorgeous fashion blogs - some of my favourites are:
Garance Dore, the glamourai, Cocorosa and Wish Wish Wish. Most of the fashion bloggers out there are taking their own pictures - which is just brilliant aswell as styling, hair, make-up etc.

So I was inspired to try it myself and I have to say I have the hugest respect for all those incredible bloggers - because it is hard. Let me know what you think of the results? I thought I would do a follow-up from my last few fashion posts, and show you 3 of my really simple evening outfits.

The first one is monochrome so would work well with some bright accessories - the trousers are a heavy cotton cargo style so more relaxed than the sequined top. I absolutely love this top as it works for day or evening brilliantly - I found it on the end-of-line rail in the Jaeger outlet because some of the sequins were missing so was very cheap compared to the RRP.

The second look was one that I worked out recently when I was stuck for something to wear on a night out - sure you've been there! I noticed my husband's dress shirt hanging in the wardrobe and he doesn't wear it very often, but I love that oversize shirt look on girls and with the high waisted jeans and some glam earrings it looks modern.

Looking at it now - I'm not so happy with the shoes - but you know we all have evenings like that don't we, when you're wearing something and you just don't feel quiet right! Our style evolves and changes as we age and our experience and circumstances change and it's about figuring out what works for us now.

The last look is an easy outfit too, I've reached the age where comfort is a big factor whether I'm going out for the evening or spending a day on my feet chasing after Noah! The maxi skirt is such a versatile piece that you can wear much like a pair of trousers, dress it up as here with a jacket and gold flats for evening or with a t-shirt and canvas pumps for day.

So there you go, my first effort after 4 years out of the business of my own fashion editorial. Hope you liked it.


  1. Amy, I love the evening outfits - definitely my sort of thing - a relaxed mix of high street and designer, clothes from different eras. It works for me - keep it coming.

  2. The last outfit is a winner. Wish you could make your pictures a little bigger though? My eyesight is shocking! x


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