Sunday, 7 August 2011

Retail therapy - with a difference...

We are home again from our holiday. It is a strange pleasure to return to your own home after a break. The familiar smells, the reassuring order and comforts of the everyday. Odd how going away makes you appreciate what you have.

I had a postscript to add to last week's post. It is a kind of therapy for today, a practice that I think we should all try to remember.

I wrote last week about stylish thrifting and I still believe that we don't need to spend a fortune to look good or have a beautiful home. It takes alot more time and effort but I think the rewards are worth it, but there is another side to stylish living that I think is as important. My personal antidote to the modern consumer world is to realise that the world is full of infinite temptation. For me it is the classic Chanel flap bag, a pair of Tory Burch pumps, the Stella McCartney trousers and Isabel Marant jacket. I'm sure you have a similar wish-list if money were no object?

The point is that there will always be things that are beautiful, covetable and just out of reach. The list is infinite. And that is just the point - in the modern world of consumer craving there is never enough, so I accept that I can live without the dress, trousers, pumps, bag etc. because after all, even after I have bought those things there will always be more, the craving will never be satisfied so I simply choose not to. I realise that this philosophy is pretty extreme and is certainly not going to get the economy back on its feet, but it is trying to apply my yogic acceptance to the modern world.

I still love looking at lovely objects, fashion, and interiors, all those things I always loved and appreciated and I will always blog about them, but now I don't feel the same temptation to open my wallet. I do have a perceptible cringe when I read a magazine and it suggests that a pair of £650 Rupert Sanderson shoes are 'worth a splurge', afterall how many of us in the real world would agree? But I can also accept that magazines sell us a fantasy and we can choose not to buy into it.

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