Friday, 12 August 2011

Renovation update

I recently posted some pictures of our home renovation on the Living Etc forum. I've had a great response from people asking where I bought things from and generally saying lovely things about our house.

You can see the images on this link:

One of my favourite pasttimes is reading my new copy of Living Etc when it comes through my post box. I've been known to have chronic house-envy at some of the beautiful, modern houses, especially those open plan, airy spaces in Australia and the West Coast of America. I love the idea of spending lots of time outside and having a home that connects the outside and the inside seamlessly. Our home was never going to be that kind of space but I think we've made the best of what our house does offer and created a much lighter, open feel.

So I realised that I hadn't shown what the house looks like from the outside - so here is the before and after. What do you think?


  1. hi there

    saw your post on livingetc and popped over to have a bit more of a nosy!!..
    love the colour of your living room do you mind me asking what colour you used in there??

  2. Hi

    I love your house, beautiful job.
    I'm trying to decide what colour to paint the outside of my house at the mo and I love the colour of your front door - what is the colour called please? thanks x


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