Monday, 8 August 2011

Fashion crush - No. 21 by Alessandro Dell'Acqua

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I have a new fashion crush - No. 21 by the designer Alessandro Dell'Acqua. His new Resort 2012 collection epitomises that effortless style I was blogging about last week [although with a much higher price tag I'm sure!].

I love the wide leg pant suit - I've been sporting my Gap flares this summer - the mix of neutral camel tones with bright jewel colours like the greens and sapphire blue, the slouchy v-neck over
cropped trousers. And those simple skinny belt details over the cardi and fitted jacket. These are all elements that we can try at home right?! The first look of the black cardi over pencil skirt is such a simple look to recreate, but is all about that slim fit.

Like I was saying last week, be a little bolder when you're putting your outfits together. The emerald green t-shirt with the lacy skirt looks really modern but how simple! Pay attention to proportions so shorter skirts go with a more covered up top like a t-shirt, an over-sized sweater goes well with cropped trousers, and that skinny, shrunken jacket looks fab with a wide leg trouser - try to think in terms of opposites. There is a certain confidence that comes with mixing strong elements in an outfit: a rock T with a smart trouser suit; a pretty feminine dress with a leather jacket; a sequined top with a relaxed cargo pant.


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  2. Awesome work nice and elegant collection.


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