Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Chatsworth gardens - inspiration

Noah and I spent a lovely day at Chatsworth House with friends today. Noah chased around the maze, and dug in the sandpit in the children's play park while I took in as much inspiration as I could from the incredible gardens.

I am trying my hand for the first time at gardening, with very mixed results. This year I tried the low-maintenance approach and threw lots of wild flower seeds on the muddy earth. Some of the seeds took and have given us some beautiful displays of pretty colour, whilst others ended up in a brown-tinged, tangled mess [although the bees loved them regardless!]. I also bought lots of smaller plants from the regular boot-sales we go to, again with mixed results. A honey-suckle that I planted near the bottom of the garden has withered, while the lavenders I bought for a couple of pounds seem to be doing really well in the pots to the front.

And so I'm hoping next year to have a more planned approach, and to try my hand at some edibles. Any tips for growing in the cooler North of England would be greatly appreciated. We have created a new seating area after demolishing an over-sized out-house, and I've enjoyed making up some new pots to fill the area with colour next spring.

Gardening is a very alien thing for me in as far as I'm used to making, doing and creating things with immediate results. My photography, blogging, design and styling are all activities that you can get immediate pleasure from - they are all equally visual, but you don't have to wait for the rewards. So now I am learning the art of waiting [ironic as Noah is having to learn the same skill at the same time]. A beautiful, well-structured garden takes years, sometimes decades of nurturing and careful planning which can be incredibly frustrating, but all the more satisfying for the wait - not a bad life-lesson to learn for no money!

For anyone interested in these pictures, they are achieved with my ipod and an app called instagram. It is really good fun and has lots of different vintage photography effects that you can try out. They really remind me of going through my Mum and Dad's old box of photographs in the lost - something we'll really miss when it's gone - it's not quite the same with digital.

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