Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Sorry to any readers who usually follow my musings. I've been a little MIA as the real world has taken over the last few weeks. I have taken on a new voluntary position editing a local magazine for Mums and will this week be completing my short photography course so have thrown myself head-long into these two past-times to the detriment of my blog.

It was something that we debated on the 'Blogging Your Way' course I did earlier this year and still confuses me a little - how to get the best balance between the on-line world and the real-world. For me, the real-world wins out everytime as Noah is growing so quickly and juggling his increasing demands and my list of 'extra-curricular-activities' keeps me plenty busy [that sounds alot more interesting than it actually is!!].

And so for the last few weeks I haven't really been keeping up with my favourite blogs or tweeting and tumblring as much as I should [thank goodness I'm still waiting for my pinterest invite!!].

So, all I can say is - sorry and here's a little gift from me to you as a little way of an apology - unfortunately you won't get the smell quite the same - it had just rained and the scent of all the roses was intoxicating.

Amy x

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