Saturday, 30 April 2011

Open Up Sheffield

I have very few regrets in life; putting my £200 pashmina shawl in the washing machine in a pregnancy-induced-hormonal-fog is somewhere on the top of my list. Another regret is not learning a craft or a skill, I look at artists and craftsmen who can create something tangible and feel very envious. Some of you may be thinking surely it's not too late, and I'm sure you'd be right!

So I was very excited to visit some real artists studios a couple of weeks ago at Open Up Sheffield. This is a brilliant event that promotes local artists and creates a more open approach to studios in our area. And how inspiring it was, the collection of artists at the Hangingwater studios included Lena Papapanagiotou, and Sophie Williamson whose bespoke jewellery is a lovely gift idea.

I also got to spend abit of time with an artist friend, Sam Groom. She is a brilliant printmaker, working with woodcut to create modern prints with a fun and light feel. She's developing her work into things like children's t-shirts which I think is a great touch as her work is so colourful and graphic.

Do you have any local events that are similar? I'd really like to hear about them.

The studios at Hangingwater:

Sophie Williamson's jewellery:

Printmaker Samantha Groom in her home and studio:

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