Friday, 1 April 2011

Mother's Day wishes

I've been spending too much time lately thinking about the 'what if's' as usual and not enough time enjoying the moment.

So here is a little reminder for me, and all my readers who are so busy being either a busy career woman / mum / wife / girlfriend / friend / daughter that they don't take enough time for themselves, it's a simple message but it always works to refocus my mind and bring me back to the present.

Happy mother's day for Sunday to Mums and women everywhere.


  1. Sooo true. i feel like i am hurrying all the time. We all need to slow down once in awhile right!? i found you through the Blogging your Way course. your blog is so great, i'm happy to have connected with you.
    Lindsay xo
    PS Happy Mothers Day!

  2. i'm guilty, too, of thinking too much versus just doing....
    we were in byw ecourse together .. just saying hello. : )


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