Thursday, 14 April 2011

International inspiration from South Africa

I was lucky to spend lots of time in Cape Town while I was working as a stylist. We were dutifully picked up at the airport, taken to a lovely part of Cape Town where we would spend several days shooting in the most breathtaking locations. It was a really special time and I have really fond memories of South Africa.

It is a country of such extremes and such diversity, but what always struck me was the passionate creativity and warmth of the people. From bookshops that specialised in coffee table books, to antique shops that displayed amazing European and African artefacts beautifully together, vineyards with delis attached stocking wonderful local produce, and small boutique coffee shops that took their coffee making more seriously than any San Fran barista.

So when I saw this little coffee shop mentioned on the blog We-are-awsome I wanted to share it, just to remind myself of how inspiring and exciting a place South Africa was for me.

Wolves Cafe, Johannesburg.

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