Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ikea kitchen

So here are the kitchen pictures that I mentioned yesterday - a little hasty but I wanted to be sure to get them up while the kitchen was still looking fresh!

We originally took the adjoining wall down between the kitchen and dining room last year, this made a huge difference opening up the scheme of the house and making the space alot more usable with a toddler.

We installed the free-standing Ikea units as an interim measure but have grown attached to the style of the kitchen and think it works well for us. The quality is not the best I have to confess and we are regularly gluing bits back onto the sink unit in particular, but it works for us.

The tiles were from The Yorkshire Tile Company and the shelving was on offer from Homebase, all pretty cheap and cheerful but I think the finished effect works well with the space.


  1. Woohoo! It looks incredible! What a difference xx


  2. Oh my, what a big difference! It looks so much brighter and bigger. Definitely more functional than before. (love the apple table cloth, btw)

    Cheers, Jeanne

  3. That is such a massive difference! You must be so thrilled. :) I'm a fellow (former) BYW student, I saw you posted your blog link in the group so decided to stop by. I love your tagline, I'm another mother of young children in pursuit of a balanced life! Your blog banner is also gorgeous. :)

  4. Hi, I found my way here via your post on the Living etc forum. I love what you have done! Hope you don't mind if I add an image of your kitchen to my Pinterest board - it's very inspiring :)


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