Thursday, 7 April 2011

Artist: Stephanie Ryan

Some days I lose myself on-line while Noah naps. There is so much inspiration and creativity if you follow the breadcrumbs from one site through to another.

I'm on Flickr, and came across Stephanie Ryan's work by chance. I love design that combines different influences to create something striking and unique with a strong voice, Stephanie's work is just like this. Her work is soft and beautiful, delicate brush strokes and calming hues, but they are life-affirming and tied into all that is pretty in nature.

It is work like Stephanie's that makes me want to create, paint, photograph, and inspire other people.


  1. Oh Amy!Thank you so much for such sweet words. I really appreciate it.



  2. This is so sweet! I know what you mean... I think I'm becoming an internet addict!

    Angela x

  3. Isn't Stephanies work so uplifting. I love the colours she blends together. Flickr is so good for connecting us to people who share what we love!
    Your blog is lovely btw, Kat x


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