Saturday, 26 March 2011

Thank you Holly and Leslie

4 weeks ago I began an on-line course about blogging. My husband was very cynical that I was sending my money off to a stranger in the internet stratosphere and didn't really understand what for.

Blogging Your Way has opened my eyes to a whole world of very talented women and inspiring blogs. Holly of Decor8 and Leslie of A Creative Mint have led the course through the world of blogging, photography and so much more that I never realised would be a part of the course. It has given me a renewed confidence in my work and a sense of achievement each week. I've been excited about what was going to be posted next and truth-be-told I feel little bit sad that the course has come to an end.

For those of you interested in blogging I would really recommend signing up to the next course details can be found on Holly's blog.

And so this is my little homage to the girls that have inspired me to be a better blogger and a better person, to not be afraid to try new things and jump in with both feet. It is a little photographic reflection on springtime and my days.

Thank you x


  1. it was an enjoyable class. The only bad part is it had to end so soon! It was a great resource and inspiration. I am so glad we get to keep all the information to reference back to. It was lovely "meeting" you at class!
    and your blog is gorgeous!

  2. Hi Amy, My name is Lydia Kimble-Wright. I am one of the less vocal, but no less enthusiastic, members of the BYW class. I happened upon one of your posts and it lured me to your site and I am glad that it did. I love the beauty, yet simplicity of your blog. It is what I strive for in mine but have a ways to go. I also found your homage to Holly and Leslie beautiful and it was clear that you had already incorporated some of what you learned onto your blog. I look forward to more. Blessings.

  3. Thank you so much Misty and Lydia Marie, the support from other BYW students has been invaluable to stay positive and focus. I've stopped by your lovely blogs too, and will be visiting regularly thannk you again for the kind words. x

  4. Oh my word. This post is thoughtful and really pretty.The lemony yellows are happy and light. The tart photograph is graphic with that white plate and the dark table background. I love the overhead viewpoint of that shot as well. The text you added is really sweet. Flowers, blue skies, illustrations, you have given us a real visual treat. Thank you.
    I am thrilled you enjoyed the course and feel like you got value. I can understand your husband's sentiments and it does take a leap of faith on your part. Hats off to you. AND I look forward to checking back here!!!

  5. I'm so happy to have taken this class as well. Holly and Leslie helped me so much on my first steps into the blogosphere. There's still a long way for me to go, but it feels wonderful to have met such talented and inspiring bloggers like you. I will definietly follow your stories along.


  6. Your spring photos are beautiful Amy, I like how you added the words.
    And I can see you were inspired by Holly and Leslies course.
    They are such lovely ladies.
    Thanks for following me at Secrets
    Kat x


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