Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Cinematic Chic...

I love escaping to the cinema, it's like stepping into someone else's shoes for a couple of hours, and I always come out with my eyes a little more open and a lift in my spirits. One of the reasons I enjoy the cinema is looking at some of the inspiring set designs, like I'm stepping into their home rather than their shoes for those brief moments.

The sets I love the most are those that reflect the characters in the movie so well. Nancy Meyers' films seem to capture this perfectly - Something's Gotta Give and It's Complicated are two of my favourites. After both films I just wanted to climb through the screen and curl up on one of the ridiculously expensive looking sofas. Of course Sex and the City has to appear somewhere in my choice as it certainly looks like Carrie Bradshaw chooses her interiors the way she puts together her outfits.

Simply by Googling set design from the films I found some brilliant slideshows from each. The images from Something's Gotta Give are from
Architectural Digest, It's Complicated are from Traditional Homes and the Set Decorator's Society of America. The brilliant Sex and the City pictures are from Elle Decor. It's worth clicking through to see more inspiring homes.

Sex and the City 2

Something's Gotta Give

It's Complicated

Monday, 25 October 2010

Flea market shopping...

After my last indulgent post I felt like I had misled my few readers, it was as if I was suggesting buying £55 candles for Christmas and of course this is far from my real life at the moment. It was meant more as a wish-list of those beautiful things I'd love to have in my collection. Maybe in my past life I might have contemplated such a thing, but more likely I would have been 'gifted' it by a generous PR and passed it on happily to a lucky friend!

This blog was always meant as a more honest account of life than you find in the average glossy magazine, and so at the moment I'm a spend-thrift which generally means shopping in the sales, in charity and thrift shops and even car boot sales which can have the best bargains of all.

Another great library book I picked up recently was Flea Market Style by Emily Chalmers with great pictures by Debi Treloar. As always I'm totally inspired by the beautiful pictures.

We are so fortunate to be able to draw from such a rich history of styles when decorating our homes - I'm a believer in putting together different periods that work together rather than sticking to one style or era, just like in these images from Emily Chalmers book.

I have a confession - I'm a secret hoarder, although my husband will argue that it is no secret! I love collecting old things that have a quality and charm you can't find today in the mass market, as with my vintage clothes I have a select few pieces around our home that add a character and individual style unique to us.

If I had more money and greater creative freedom in decorating our home [it is a happy-collaboration of our tastes], I would use a bolder hand and include a brighter pallette with jewel colours, exciting prints and more feminine pretty pieces like vintage crockery and floral fabrics. Anyone who saw last night's Antique's Roadshow with the £2.50 car-boot cup and saucer that was actually £5000 Myson will be scouring the boot sales even more like me!

Here are some of my favourite thrift finds that I love.

Pastel blue 60s desk lamp from car boot sale bought for £3 - decorated with some old ribbon!

Not that thrifty really but I love the 50s cat - £20ish from an antique market.

Similar 50s style bottle from a charity shop for a few pounds love the colour and flirty character of the lady!

I have lots of original artwork that I pick up from boot sales and markets these are some of my favourites bought at the Sunday morning flea market in Gent on different occasions. The soft tones all work together.

My 50s formica kitchen chairs are pretty uncomfortable but for 8euros each from a brocante in the Loire Valley I had to bring them home!

For those of you new to this blog, if you like this kind of style have a look at my friend Lisa's beautiful home here.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Time to think...and shop...

I've had a quiet weekend to myself which is such a treat when I'm usually chasing around after a toddler.

I've done my banking, cleaned the house, ordered a fire-grate in anticipation of roaring fires at Christmas time, so generally been busying myself with all the niggling jobs that never usually get done.

One of which is thinking about starting my Christmas shopping! Unfortunately this has lead to me thinking more about what I'd like rather than what I'll be buying for everyone else. Once on-line it's too tempting to click onto my favourite sites and browse the lovely things, here are just a few I was looking at today - husband take note!

Bombus heart art from Not on the High Street - £165

This is such a great website for something a little bit different, I'm a real collector when it comes to hanging things on our walls and these are such a great idea and can be made bespoke so I love the idea of including the places that have special memories.

Mia Lia keepsake bracelet from Red Direct - £25

Red Direct always select the most stylish products that feel that little bit special.
Tweed collarless coat from Uniqlo - £79.99

Simple, elegant, timeless - all the things I'm looking for at the moment and a great price too. Uniqlo is a brilliant place to look for knitwear for gifts for family too, and you have to look a the J+ range at the moment designed by the brilliant Jil Sander - amazing tailored pieces at high street prices.

Costes scented candle from CultBeauty - £55

The appeal of CultBeauty.co.uk is that it finds all those must-have products from around the world that you can't necessarily find here, so is worth a browse just to see what is on offer.

One of my favourites is the scented range from Hotel Costes. I was lucky enough to stay at the hotel on a visit to Paris and this scent captures that decadent, indulgent feel of the whole hotel.

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