Thursday, 25 November 2010

Book club

I've lapsed in my posts these last few weeks as the real world has occupied my days and nights. Noah is now 2 and growing chattier and cheekier everyday. I never realised just how tiring it would be to be a full-time Mum - it doesnt help that he is awake at around 5am which means the days feel very long.

Another thing that has filled my evenings is a new book club that I've joined with other local Mums. Interesting and compulsive, the books have reignited my enjoyment of reading after my English Lit degree all but snuffed it out!

The first book was The Crimson Rooms, and was not the type of book I would have ordinarily picked up but the whole group agreed it was a really gripping read. Set in the 1920s it's the story of Evelyn Gifford and her struggle to forge a career in one of the last bastions of male dominated society - law.

It also interweaves several other narrative strands about a murder case that she becomes involved in, and the appearance of her brother's son and his mother from Canada. There was so much going on but I found myself really drawn into the experiences and the vivid depiction of 1920s London life.

Our second book was Eat, Pray, Love as the film had just been released so we enjoyed going to the cinema too to watch Julia Roberts - of course this is all really an excuse to get out of the house for an evening to have a good natter and a glass of wine!

A very modern story of self-discovery through travel and meditation, it is a journey through the author's experiences of trying to find happiness and balance in Italy, India and Bali.

There was a notable divide in the group over those who enjoyed the book and those who just weren't that bothered. I definitely sat in the first camp and as we sat in the Bull's Head discussing the merits of book versus film I found myself getting a little carried away with my own stories of yoga and stress! Sorry girls!

I think for many people, like myself, there is a very personal connection with the emotions that Elizabeth Gilbert experiences in reaching the point in her life where she needs a change. For anyone who is interested in spirituality I think it's a really good read - Elizabeth Gilbert is a really likeable writer, although the critics in the group thought she was over-indulgent and selfish. For me, she managed to make an esoteric subject very accessible.

Our latest book is The Help by Kathryn Stockett, and I'm loving it - my favourite yet I think, so I'll be sure to post once I've finished it.

The moral of this story is definintely to try books that you wouldn't ordinarily pick up - it's very rare you;ll be disappointed.

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