Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Cinematic Chic...

I love escaping to the cinema, it's like stepping into someone else's shoes for a couple of hours, and I always come out with my eyes a little more open and a lift in my spirits. One of the reasons I enjoy the cinema is looking at some of the inspiring set designs, like I'm stepping into their home rather than their shoes for those brief moments.

The sets I love the most are those that reflect the characters in the movie so well. Nancy Meyers' films seem to capture this perfectly - Something's Gotta Give and It's Complicated are two of my favourites. After both films I just wanted to climb through the screen and curl up on one of the ridiculously expensive looking sofas. Of course Sex and the City has to appear somewhere in my choice as it certainly looks like Carrie Bradshaw chooses her interiors the way she puts together her outfits.

Simply by Googling set design from the films I found some brilliant slideshows from each. The images from Something's Gotta Give are from
Architectural Digest, It's Complicated are from Traditional Homes and the Set Decorator's Society of America. The brilliant Sex and the City pictures are from Elle Decor. It's worth clicking through to see more inspiring homes.

Sex and the City 2

Something's Gotta Give

It's Complicated

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