Monday, 20 September 2010

Feeling inspired...

Years ago growing up in Rotherham [it's a small industrial town just outside Sheffield - in case you're not from round these parts], I would pore over fashion magazines much to my literary mother's despair! I wanted to be the girl in the picture. This was the late 80s/early90s so it was usually Karen Mulder or Nadja Auermann - the blonde one with the longest legs and the perfect hair.

The images I was drawn to were always beautiful, polished, and aspirational - never the wierd, wacky or dark.

The recent Next TV commercial took me back to those pictures of years ago - who doesn't want to be those girls in the ads?

Inspired by the advert I pulled together some of my favourite shoots that have caught my eye recently.

They include stories from Red, Paris Vogue, Vogue Italia, American Vogue and The Sunday Times Style.

I have stacks of magazines and tear sheets just like these that are sitting in boxes cluttering our house much to my husband's despair. Over the months I'll be pulling together more mood boards that have excited and inspired me.

Hope you like them too.

Also, a friend emailed after my last post asking for more info on the high street staples I mentioned in my last blog. Keep posted as I'll be blogging soon about my essentials from the high street.

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