Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Ugly House

2 weeks ago we finally got the keys to our new house.

We're sure that at some time in it's history it was a nice looking Edwardian semi, but unfortunately over the years it's been extended and added to in a really unsympathetic style, leaving it looking, well, abit sorry for itself really.

So we're going to try to bring some of it's charm back.

Inside there are some interesting combinations of wallpaper from the 80s, and carpets from the 70s, and some handy work that looks suspiciously like a remnant of the 'Changing Rooms' era of the 90s. It's an eclectic mix that makes the rooms seem very dark.

We've been happy to discover that behind some of the dodgy DIY there are still elements of the original house to be uncovered like these lovely doors that we took the plyboard off and will be getting dipped.

With board:

Board removed!:

The hope is by restoring some of these features and adding our own second hand finds we can put some of the soul back into the building.

This is an original Edwardian door we found in an antique shop which will be going on the front of the porch - hoorah!

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