Tuesday, 8 September 2009


I was recently lucky enough to visit family in Gent, Belgium. An exciting city, it's full of hidden gems from beautiful historic buildings, to antique markets and bohemian cafes. 

I love exploring the side streets and markets, and people-watching [some of the most stylish people I've ever seen hanging out on a Sunday morning!]. There's even a blue kiosk in the flower market that sells champagne and oysters to the cities early-morning lushes on a Saturday and Sunday.

Here are some of my favourite shop-fronts and street-cafes that make this such a fun city to amble through.

Two gorgeous vintage shops really caught my eye. 

Patricia Vintage is more amazing second-hand including Chanel, and Eve Bos is a striking looking building with a sumptuous,rich interior and amazing vintage shoes and cocktail dresses. You can really imagine Carrie Bradshaw spending a fortune in both these shops!

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